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America’s worst General: Douglas MacArthur

August 2010

There is no question that America’s worst was Douglas MacArthur, a cowardly, bribe-taking, inept, medal-grabbing, feeble-minded idiot.

In the months following December 8th, 1941 over 10,000 soldiers died and over 70,000 were captured and forced into the Bataan Death March, mostly due to the colossal ineptitude of Army Brass, especially the dishonest asswipe coward General “dugout Doug” MacArthur, a man with such cowardice that he tried to absolve himself of responsibility for the December 8th 1941 disaster.

General Macarthur's Stolen Valor

The Stolen Valor Act makes it a Federal offense to wear medals that you did not earn, but MacArthur had no problem with stolen valor:

Stolen Distinguished Flying Cross - MacArthur had one of his generals award him the Distinguished Flying Cross at age 71, all for taking a single ride in an airplane over Korea, and managing an air cargo mission.

Stolen Purple Heart - Macarthur awarded himself the very first Purple Heart medal m ore than 20 years after his alleged war injury!  He claimed to have been wounded in WWI.

Stolen Congressional Medal of Honor - MacArthur put himself in for the Congressional Medal of Honor for his cowardice and failing to defend the Philippines.

Stolen Silver Stars - Just like John Kerry would do in Vietnam, Macarthur stole his seven Silver Star medals (they were originally non-valor awards that he had “upgraded”.

Stolen Air Medal - He stole an Air Medal, never having completed the requirements of flying five combat missions.


He also awarded LBJ a bogus Silver Star medal for observing a single combat mission in a B-25 out of Port Moresby, never mind that the plane never even got to the target!

But it was far more than just MacArthur; the Philippines fiasco was the single greatest act of military ineptitude in American history but Dugout Doug stole more than the Medal of Honor.

The author of “Days of Infamy: MacArthur, Roosevelt, Churchill — The Shocking Truth Revealed “ says that he was also corrupt, accepting bribes from the Philippine government:

“After MacArthur had withdrawn his command to Corregidor, Quezon authorized the transfer of $500,000 ($5 million in 1990 dollars) to a New York bank account in MacArthur's name for "distinguished service" and, at the same time, another $35,000 dollars in stock certificates at a New York bank.

Shortly after this "reward" for service, MacArthur sent a message to Washington suggesting that FDR declare the Philippines "neutral" territory and surrender the country to the Japanese.”

Macarthur: An Outrageous Coward

Author Bud Farrell notes that Macarthur frequently put the lives of his men at-risk for no good reason:

A 19th Bomb Group ship was sent to fly MacArthur and his family out to Australia, but the apparent youth of the pilot, and the already war- weary appearance of the aircraft, were not good enough for MacArthur and he demanded that a different pilot and newer aircraft be sent up from Australia”

“Incidentally, the "young pilot" that MacArthur apparently refused to fly with was reported to be one of the BEST in the 19th and was eventually shot down over Rabaul, captured, and reported to have been beheaded by the Japanese!

The Pilot, Captain Harl Pease, was awarded The Medal Of Honor for Valor above and beyond the call of duty”

America can no longer honor this most dishonorable man, and I hope that Congress acknowledges that this corrupt coward has no place of honor in the United States:

Strip Macarthur of stolen valor - MacArthur needs to be stripped of his Medal of Honor, his seven Silver Star medals, his Air Medal and his Distinguished Flying Cross, all stolen valor.

Re-bury Macarthur in Leavenworth cemetery - MacArthur’s giant Memorial in Norfolk Virginia needs to be stripped clean and given to a real hero, and Macarthur's body re-buried in the Leavenworth cemetery where all of the other American traitors are laid to rest.

Let's correct past injustices.  I'm writing my Congressman.  Let's dump this coward out and make room for a real hero


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