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Bolt Action vs. semi-automatic .223 rifles

Gun Tips by Donald K. Burleson

November 2010

Question:  Which is more accurate in a .223 caliber, a bolt action or a semi-automatic rifle?  Is it a myth that bolt action rifles are more accurate than semiautomatic rifles?

Answer:  I'm not a AR expert, but in general, experts say that it is true that bolt actions are more accurate than semi automatic rifles.  Also see my notes on Range and Trajectory of .223 AR-15 rifle bullets.

  • As a general rule, semi-auto hunting rifles won't group as well as most bolt-action guns.

  • If you are a hunter or a sniper, where you are only going to get one shot at your prey, then a bolt action may be marginally more accurate.  However, using a supersonic bullet at 8,000 yards, you have a full 7 seconds between the first trigger squeeze and the pray hearing it, enough time to get off several shots.

  • However, based on the muzzle velocity or the rifle, the bullet may have left the barrel before the recoil begins, so having a bolt action will not matter.

  • Some note that since the semi-automatic .223 usually has a gas-operated delayed blowback, it makes no difference whether you use a bolt action of semi-automatic .223 as far as bullet ballistics are concerned.

  • Some also say that beginners who have trained on a bolt-action are much more accurate when they advanced to a semi-automatic, suggesting that a bolt-action .223 is as good training aid for beginning riflemen.

  • In the .223 rifles, expects says that any differences in ballistics & accuracy would be so small you wouldn't notice.  The general consensus is that Bolt action is more accurate than semi-automatic AR’s,  but modern day ARs are catching up and the military is starting to switch over to semi-automatic target sniper rifles.

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