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Balustrade Buying Tips

Independent Tips for the professional at Leisure

April 2008



When choosing balustrades for your mansion, the wonderful hand-carved marble balustrades can get right pricey at over $100 each.  The best source for stone is Stone World.


There are three main types of balustrades:

  • Carved stone - Starts at $150/$300 per linear foot

  • Cast stone - $50/$80 per linear foot

  • Polymer - cheap


Polymer - Cheap but cheesy Marble - elegant and expensive Cast - Moderate cost


We like the look of the Jefferson Square balustrade, and here are some sources for this unique stone (concrete cast) fence.  Here are some examples:


Travertine balustrades from the Crown Princess cruise ship

Stone balustrades from the Broadmoor




There are many vendors for balustrade, with the China imports showing special value, especially if you seek carved marble of granite balustrade.



Custom carved marble balustrades


Carved marble is the best of all, and it's not too unreasonable in price:

  • Architectural Supply has these beautiful carved marble balustrades for 169.00 per/linear ft.

  • Stone legends has balustrade uprights for $62 each (not counting top and bottom rails)

  • China Marble has hand-carved marble and stone fence pieces.  The problem is the long shipping, and no legal recourse when dealing with  communist country:

    H36" (rail/baluster/base)
    4pcs balusters per meter (40")
    BR-01 beige limestone FOB - $115/ft
    BR-05 off white marble FOB - $88/ft
    BR-09 QY white marble FOB - $83/ft
    BR-11 travertine FOB - $83/ft



Cast Stone Balustrades


The cast stone balustrades are far cheaper then carved real stone.







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