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Choosing the best fairway wood

Independent golf tips for the professional at Leisure

April 2009

Choosing the best fairway wood

When choosing a fairway wood, the club that's best for you is the one that hits the longest, straightest shots.  Choosing the best fairway wood is a highly personal decision, usually made up from years of trial and error.  Remember the second and third shots on long holes are very important:

Par 5 - Driver + fairway wood _ chip + two putts

Par 4 = Driver + fairway wood + two putts

While I'm no expert of fairway woods, I have played with many of them, and I've found that there are three manufactures are tops in my book"

  • Callaway - The Callaway "X" fairway woods work great for me

  • Taylor Made - The old standby, great rescue woods with amazing feel

  • Bobby Jones - My all-time favorite fairway woods!

My traditional best fairway wood is the Taylor Made cleek from the 1980's (the old reliable "Ginte"), an amazing, forgiving fairway wood that still has a special place in my bag.

This club is magnificent, a great rescue club where the rails allow you to dig out of a tough lie with enough club head velocity to blast you out with respectable distance.  But this Ginte fairway club is ancient, a 1980�s model, and the technology has changed.

Almost best - The Callaway fairway woods

I tried this Calloway Big Bertha fairway wood, but the super-light club head feels strange to me.

For a fairway wood with a bit more heft, Janet likes the Callaway �Hot X� model fairway woods.  They have more weight in the club head and you can get some centrifugal force going before impact.

But what�s the best fairway woods for a mid to high handicapper?

For my money, it�s between the Callaway Hot-X and the new Bobby Jones fairway woods.

Best fairway wood - The Bobby Jones fairway woods

The Bobby Jones fairway woods are superb for us, Janet and I both have one, and Janet is thinking of replacing her long irons with Bobby Jones fairway woods.  The craftsmanship of the Bobby Jones fairway woods is superb:

It�s psychological, but playing with a well-crafted club improves my game, a sharp club for a sharp shot, and you cannot beat the Bobby Jones fairway woods::

Amazing feel and craftsmanship - the best fairway wood for me!


Again, when choosing the best fairway wood, don't be afraid to take out some demo clubs and try a lot of options.  Your choice of fairway wood has a direct and immediate impact on your score!





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