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Detecting fake Chinese Rolex watches

Independent travel tips for the professional at Leisure

November 2008

In preparation for their upcoming war against the United States, the Chinese are now infiltrating American business, copying products with free abandon.  I love this one, a knock-off of Crest toothpaste:

China has been making phony Rolex watches for decades.  The first reference to a fake Rolex in popular media was in the early 1970's on the TV show "All in the Family", when Archie Bunker bought a fake Rolex.  Meathead noted that the name on the watch was "Romex". 

When it comes to a fake Rolex, some are better quality than others:

But they have come a long way, and the Chinese now make the Rolex watches with all of the bells and whistles of a real Rolex.  They even have the holograms now, just like a real Rolex:

The face work is amazing, quite good, given that they are cheap knockoffs:

The fake Rolexes even have ID numbers on the bands, like a real Rolex. 

When it comes to Rolex, always buy them from an authorized Rolex dealer!  In a real Rolex, every part has a unique serial number, and replacement parts are carefully tracked by Rolex, watch-by-watch.

Can you tell a real Rolex from a fake?  It's not easy.  Which Rolex is real?





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