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Don Burleson life lessons

Life coach tips by Donald K. Burleson

August 2010

After reviewing this fun list of life lessons I decided to create my own list of life lessons.

I'm not wise yet, but I have learned a few surprising things in my half century on this planet:

- There is always room at the top:  This is the Burleson family motto, passed down from my father, and his father before him.  It's true!  If you work hard they will make room for you.  My very first job after graduating from college was at the University of New Mexico.  They did not have any open positions so they created a new position, just for me.  Time and time again, hard work and persistence will pay off and there will be room for you at the pinnacle of your profession.

- Hard work beats brain power:  People may outsmart me, but by golly, nobody will outwork me!  Like Edison said, genius is 99% perspiration.

- Have the courage of your convictions:  Don't be afraid to be the only dissenting voice in the room, and don't buy into a falsehood just because it is politically correct not to challenge it. 

- Strive for personal integrity:  I follow the old honor code "I will not lie, cheat or steal, not tolerate those who do".  Getting a reputation for being trustworthy and honest is worth more than any treasure.  Don't be afraid of being called a "rat" for turning-in cheaters, liars and thieves; it's your duty as a good American citizen.

- Lies of omission are OK when they protect other people's feelings:   It's OK not to mention that you know that somebody's spouse is cheating on them, or tell an elderly woman with Alzheimer's that her husband has died.

- Defend your honor:  At the end of the day, all you have is your personal integrity.  Take every legal measure to destroy those who seek to impugn your reputation. Keep a list, chase them to the ends of the earth, and nuke 'em till they glow. Chuck Yeager said that the best way to stop jealous people from attacking you is to make them sorry they ever tried. 

- Don't harbor hatred:  It's not productive to hold a grudge.  If you cannot destroy your enemies, forgive them.  Say a prayer for your worst enemy, you can feel the hatred dissipate.

- Toys:  If there is something that you want, but you cannot afford it, stop wanting it.

- Be tolerant of the weak:  Most people are way more screwed-up than you think, with emotional problems that you cannot imagine.  Always remember that a quarter of the American population is functionally retarded.

- Respect your elders and honor your ancestors:  You can learn a lot of good stuff from the older generation!

- Care for animals:  Caring for animals brings great joy to my life.  St. Francis was on  to something . . .

- Always donate anonymously:  Give cash and job opportunities only to the "worthy poor" and do it anonymously whenever possible so that you don't get wrapped-up in false pride.

- Take calculated risks:  Challenge yourself and don't be afraid to take a chance.  If I has heeded the warnings that 3 out of 4 business fail in the first three years I would never have had become a successful business owner.   My father taught me calculated risk-taking by his own example, volunteering for dangerous combat missions to become successful in the U.S. Air Force, where courage is rewarded with hunks of tin and colored ribbons:

Louis F. Burleson combat medals


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