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Tips for eating guinea pigs

Independent travel tips for the professional at Leisure

October 2008

In my notes on our travels to South America, I've noted that Peru and Equator love to eat rodents, and vermin in on the menu at many restaurants in Peru and Ecuador.  I'm also on the lookout for genuine redneck cuisine, and I will venture that eating guinea pig is on par with eating squirrels any day. See my notes here on redneck food.

Native Peruvian foods includes hearty meats, especially roasted Cuy (Guinea Pig), which is skinned, gutted and charcoal roasted on a spit, and sold for only about fifty cents each.  In the restaurants you call them "Cuy", but one thing is certain, they are mighty fine eating. . . .

Dead vermin, anyone?

Eating a guinea pig is an experience that belongs on everyone's bucket list.

Guinea Pig - It's what's for dinner

It's an amazing transformation.  In some restaurants you can pick out your own guinea pig and transform it from cute and furry to crispy and delicious, all in less then 20 minutes!

But if you are hungry, eating a single pig will not be enough.  They are just a snack really, and you should get at least 3-4 for a full meal.

You may want to order a pair for dinner

You eat Guinea Pig just the same a squirrel, starting with the hams, and working your way forward, making sure to scrape all the meat off of the ribs.  Some people suck the skills, but in this day and age you have to be careful.  Mad squirrel disease is transmitted by eating brains, and it can be deadly.

Me, I still prefer eating good old American squirrel. 

Rednecks love eating squirrel

A fine treat for young and old alike





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