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Fake Indians pan flute bands invade Europe!

Independent travel tips for the professional at Leisure

October 2008



The summer of 2008 saw a massive exodus of fake Indians, invading almost all of the major European cities! 


We encountered then in London, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Dublin and Belfast, and they appear to have the same outfitters, as they all have the same native American crap, skulls, dream catchers, you name it.  Most of it looks like it came from a  Stuckey's in Arizona. . .

But I must say, they were drawing a crowd, and the eclectic mix of "everything Indian" from Inuit to Peruvian was hugely entertaining.

However, we got the distinct impression that the European tourists, always known to be suckers, were taking in this fraud with free abandon!


Egalitarian Indians - Trinkets from every tribe!



Words cannot describe this cheesy act.  You can hears the racket blocks away, long before you see the fake Indians.  The cheesy fake "Indian" music sounded like Zamfir's playing his pan flute on Peyote, amplified to 2,000 decibels, truly offensive at every conceivable level.  The sound makes your ears bleed.

As for the fake Indians, imagine the Frito Bandito, wearing a Sioux head dress, banging on an Inuit drum, doing a Hopi dance, all of the tune of Peruvian Inca flute song! 

What's Indian about the Pan Flute?

Check out the stupid wolf painting!

The Europeans eat up this crap and fill their buckets with money.  We saw them in Belfast, Dublin, London, Amsterdam and Copenhagen, and God knows how many other cities, each with an identical set of these impostors

    This ain't no native American!
I grew up in New Mexico which is one-third Indian, and I'm 1/8 Cherokee myself.  I know an Indian when I see one, and this ain't no Indian.

I suppose that they are not doing any real harm, other than making absolute fools of themselves, and it looked like they were packing away some Euro's as well.

The lesson here is important; never underestimate the gullibility of tourists in Europe!


South Park has also noted that these fake Indians also dress up as Peruvians and they are invading the Americas with crappy pan flute music:








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