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Fix Ruger .22 Mark III Jamming

Target pistol tips by Donald K. Burleson

October 2010

We chose the Ruger Mark III as our best .22 caliber target pistol and wasted a full day diagnosing a horrible jamming problem, but it was quickly fixed by moving to a higher-grain bullet. 

We got the Remington golden bullet, 40 grain, and she performed flawlessly, a joyous pistol with remarkable accuracy at 25 yards.

Before you get it right, the Ruger Mark III is a jamming machine

Steps to fix Ruger Mark III Jamming

We carefully evaluated all of the top .22 target pistols, and bought a new Ruger Mark III target pistol largely because it has a reputation is not being fussy eater and outstanding accuracy.

However, there are many reports for Roger Mark III jamming problems. To save you some reading, here is how we tuned our Mark III to stop jamming.

These jamming fix steps are listed in order of their probability to fix, and the fix solution using high-powered .22 ammo made a fast difference for us.

1 - Changing to High-powered ammo stops jamming: When we tried it with Wal-Mart Winchester X-TRA ammo, the Ruger Mark III jammed every other shot. The CCI mini mag .22 bullets have a wax-coating that made it difficult to load more than six rounds. Winchester 40 grain bullets performed flawlessly with all 10 rounds in the clip Our end solution was to use higher power bullets. With 40 grain ammo, the Mark III performed flawlessly with no jamming. After searching the web, there are the steps to diagnose and fix Ruger Mark III jamming problems:

2 – Magazine stove piping - A cheap magazine can be responsible for Ruger Mark III Jamming.  We then followed these directions for fixing the magazine to reduce Ruger Mark III jamming:

 3 – Change the extractor – For a new Ruger, the manufacturer will mail you a better extractor assembly. Some recommend the Volquartsen Exact Edge Extractor to quickly fix Ruger Mark III jamming problems.

4 – Remove the Loaded chamber indicator (LCI) – It’s just a silly hinge that gives a false positive when empty brass is in the chamber, and some people report that removing the LCI make the bullets load easier and stops all jamming.

5 – Send to Ruger – As a last resort, mail your new Ruger to Ruger company. They are said to have excellent support.  




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