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Golf Tips for the Bermuda Southampton course

Independent Golf Tips for the professional at Leisure

August 2008


For my overall review of Bermuda and golfing in Bermuda, see my Bermuda Golf Tips.


Many of the world-class golf destinations in Bermuda are intimidating to beginners, crowded and on the expensive side (about $300 per round), so it's always good to find a gem, a course made for non-professionals.


The Bermuda Fairmont Southampton course is a wonderful 18 hole par three course, perfect for older hackers and beginners who want to get out and enjoy the abundant sunshine.


The course grounds are lovely, but the playability of the course is hindered by the super-lush Bermuda grass, cut so thick and you will often lose your ball right off the fairway.


The Fairmont Southampton has lots of hungry ducks, so bring some bread for bribes.


The staff at the Fairmont is very friendly and helpful. The total cost for each (green fee, cart rental, souvenir caps and balls) was about $175 per player.  The course takes about 2.5 hours to complete.


Play Tips:


To maximize your pleasure, we recommend these tips:

  • Reserve your tee time in advance - You can call the Fairmont Southampton at (441) 239-6952 to reserve a tee time.

  • Come early - In the Spring, summer and fall months, the heat and humidity are oppressive.  You can call and get a 7:00 AM tee time.  If you cruise to Bermuda, make arrangements for a 6:15 AM cab, and note that it's a $40 dollar cab ride to the Fairmont Southampton from the cruise ship dock.

  • Stock up on balls - The hazards are everywhere, and any ball off of the fairway can easily be lost.  A 30 handicapper should bring at least a dozens balls.








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