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The monkeys of Grenada

Notes by Donald K. Burleson

April 2011

There are non-indigenous monkeys all through the Caribbean, many of which are the descendents of Polio vaccine test monkeys that were released into the wild after the release of the Salk vaccine.

People capture the babies to let you gat a photo with them, but I'm told that they eat them after they grow-up, as "bush meat".

They have set territories, and in the mountains of Grenada you find monkey's everywhere, fence monkeys, porch monkeys and roof monkies.

They allow you to get-in close, but these beasts are remarkably strong, with sharp canine-like teeth.

When they are done, they pose for the camera!

When he finished the banana he  spread his pegs so we could get a good look at his junk:

After eating the monkey posed, freeing himself on both sides.






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