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The most accurate .223 target rifles

Rifle tips by Donald K. Burleson

December 2010

Disclaimer:  I am not a rifle expert, but I have consulted with many experts. If you want the advice of a rifle expert, consult a proven expert, not this simple survey of popular .223 caliber target rifles.  If you have a correction or addition, please e-mail me at the address on the bottom of this page and I will updates my notes.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  Long distance shooting experts tell me that it is critical to get a 223 with a 1 / 7" twist if you want to be accurate to long distances.

Experts say that "compass Lake" makes a super-accurate AR.

I like the .223 solely because it has the cheapest ammunition of any high-powered rifle and my home rifle range is only 300 yards, perfect for a .223.

I chose the Remington 700 LTR 223 -  2011 price is $1,097, a great starter rifle for long-distance competition shooting.  It even has a free floating barrel

For my AR target rifle, I like my Colt Match Target Competition HBAR oldie, a 1990's Clinton-era sniper rifle.  I have modified the difficult 8 pound trigger.  The Colt AR uses non-standard .170 pins and you need a Rock River Arms NM trigger.  I also and added a bipod and Nikon Monarch rifle scope, and I can currently do a 4 inch group at 200 yards.

The best .223 target rifles

Here are some recommendations from experts for the best .223 match target rifles.  Considerations include free floating barrel, jeweled trigger and bull barrel.

Thompson center pro hunter 223 – 2011 price is $688


Savage BTCSS 223 2011 cost is $1,105


CZ-527 Varmint 2011 cost is $771


Anschutz 1770 223 - 2011 price is $2.170

Tikka JRTM112 Rib 223 20in Bl -  2011 price is $1,382


Remington 700 LTR 223 -  2011 price is $1,097 Free floating barrel

Volquartsen Custom evolution - $2,000

Ruger M77 Hawkeye .223 - $830

Legacy Sports Intl|Howa - M1500 Talon Bolt Action Rifle with Scope - $890  

Ruger MKII TARGET 223 – 2011 price is $683

Howa 5 + 1 223 Rem. Varmint/stainless Heavy Barrel -  2011 price is $686

Savage model 12 FCV -  2011 price is $699



Note: The opinions expressed on these pages are the sole opinion of Donald K. Burleson and do not reflect the opinions of Burleson Enterprises Inc. or any of its subsidiaries.

Suggestions?  We are always seeking new tips for the professional at leisure, and any suggestions would be most welcome.  If you find an error or have a suggestion for improving our content, we would appreciate your feedback. 

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