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Mounting a rifle sight on an AR-15 or M4

Rifle Tips by Donald K. Burleson

December 2010

While a high caliber rifle are usually bolt operated for accuracy, the 223 AR's have enough horsepower to allow you to squeeze-off several shots before your prey hears the first report.

When mounting a rifle scope on an AR15, resist the temptation to stack AR-15 rifle sights because you lose cheek weld, vital for long distance kills.

Don't stack a telescopic sight over your battle sight, you lose cheek weld

Instead, get a quick release for a picatinny rail and mount the telescopic sight as close to the AR barrel as possible:

Here is a close-up of the AR-15 rifle scope mount:

Note the quick release mount so that you can quickly remove it without loss of zero

Note that the scope blocks the charging handle, and you need to mount an AR charging handle adapter to allow charging from the left-side only:

Add a charging handle adapter to make is easier to load the AR



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