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The Sig Twosome!

Hand gun Tips by Donald K. Burleson

December 2010

The Sig Sauer twosome is amazing, two handguns in one, and at a great price!

There is something sexy about Sig Sauer handguns, I can’t put my finger on it:


The Sig 2SUM pack

This is the Sig Sauer twosome pack:

This set is the ultimate Barbie Doll of handguns with loads of interchangeable parts, truly two handguns in one!
Technically, it’s only one handgun (required only one handgun purchase license.  The twosome includes only one “Fire Control Unit”, so technically it’s only one handgun.  In a nutshell , the Sig X-Change Kit allows the FCU to be moved between the two frames, slides and barrels.

This Sig twosome can be reconfigured into two handguns, by interchanging the same  firing unit:

  • A full sized Sign P250 for competition match shooting.
  •  A tiny Sig P250 sub-compact , perfect for concealed carry.


Getting the best price on a Sig twosome

The MSRP sale price is $825, best price on web is $699 at Top Gun Supply.

Here are the part numbers for the various calibers:

SKU: 250F-9-2SUM for 9mm
SKU: 250F-40-2SUM for 40 caliber

The full name of the 2SUM is :  Sig Sauer P250 Full Size, with Sub-Compact X-Change Kit and Grip Module, 9mm, Nitron, SigLite Night Sights

The Sig Sauer twosome pack consists of these goodies:

  • The Sig Sauer P250 Full Size 9mm Nitron
  •  The Sub-Compact Caliber X-Change Kit and Grip Module.
  •  One fire control unit

Both slides have night sights, nitron finish and one magazine for each Grip Module.

Here are some online sale prices for the Sig twosome.  I got the best price on my Sig twosome at Cross Creek outdoor supply at $725.


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