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How General Douglas MacArthur won the Distinguished Flying Cross

Military History tips by Donald K.. Burleson

April 2010

I always wondered how “Dugout Doug” MacArthur got his paws on a Distinguished Flying Cross, and I finally found out how this medal-grabbing coward got his DFC.

You have to be a monumental jerk to have your only son change his name (Arthur MacArthur IV and hide in Greenwich Village under an assumed name.

Willy the Whip

Whenever a general has a nickname, it’s usually a bad sign, and Major General William Tunner was no exception.  A butt-kiss of the first order, Wee Willy Tunner started a mutual admiration society with Dugout Doug MacArthur, lavishing medals on each other like two star-crossed lovers.  This from the book “Anything, Anywhere, Anytime:  Combat Cargo of the Korean War” by William Leary.
On page 9 we see who an old man 5-star Army general got the Distinguished Flying Cross as a party favor from one of his underlings, with quote is dripping with sarcasm:  

“MacArthur modestly took credit for what he considered a brilliant tactical maneuver that would complete the destruction of the North Korean Army.  To MacArthur’s surprise and pleasure, Stratemeyer presented him (General Douglas MacArthur) with the Distinguished Flying Cross for his “outstanding heroism and extraordinary achievement” while participating in aerial flights to Korea. 
MacArthur, in turn, awarded Tunner the Distinguished Service Cross.”

Now you might say that they should just grab the honors and move-on, but only those with real personal integrity have the character to turn-down underserved accolades.  






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