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Puerto Rico Insider Travel Tips

Travel Tips by Burleson Consulting

Puerto Rico is a US territory on one of the larger Caribbean islands with 1,500 foot mountains towering over the Atlantic. 

Complete with a spectacular rainforest (the Caribbean National Forest)  and dozens of pristine beaches, Puerto Rico is a natural wonderland and a major agricultural area.  Cattle graze across miles of open pastures and Puerto Rico is the world’s leading producer of Rum (the Bacardi factory is a tourist favorite).

Gambling is legal in Puerto Rico and with a gambling and alcohol age of 18, it’s a favorite destination for college kids.  Puerto Rico has all of the comforts of the USA with all major fast food chains, gasoline vendors and major US banks.  Officially Puerto Rico is bi-lingual, but residents only get a smattering of English in school.  However language is rarely a problem as almost all locals are very friendly and accommodating. 

Old San Juan is among a top tourist attraction with its quaint old buildings, superb restaurants and ancient fortress.  Dating to 1509, Old San Juan is the oldest city in the USA and also serves as a disembarkation port for many Caribbean cruise ships. 

Our favorite restaurants in Old San Juan include the Parrot Club and Baru’, but any of the local eateries will have the excellent local cuisine.  Local favorites include the Churrasco steak or any of the wonderful pork dishes.  For a real treat, rent a car and venture forth to sample the roadside pig and chicken roasters.





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